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UK List of Swingers Clubs, Swingers Parties, Click the Swingers Clubs name for details

Club Name Town County Type
Allycatz Parties London Sunday Swingers Club,Playrooms
The Butterfly Club London London Swingers Club Sexy Intimate Playrooms for Couples Ladies seeking Single Guys

Definately the Best Party Club event Midweek in London

Club-Bliss London London Swingers Club Intimate Purpose Built Play Club for Couples and Ladies Only
Ourplace4fun London London Probably the Smallest But Simply The Best Swingers Club Venue in London, Couples, Singles purrfectly formed and the sexiest atmosphere you will find
Teds Place Earls Court London Gay, CD, TV, TS

Swinging in Cities in the United KingdomThe UK has 66 'official' cities, though perhaps confusingly it has many more towns easily large enough to be considered cities, and some of its official cities are even smaller than large villages or small towns.

Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Carlisle Chester, Chichester, Coventry, Derby, Durham, Ely, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Kingston upon Hull, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lichfield Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich, Nottingham , Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth Portsmouth, Preston, Ripon, Salford, Salisbury, Sheffield, Southampton, St Albans, Stoke on Trent, Sunderland, Truro, Wakefield, Wells, Westminster, Winchester, Wolverhampton, Worcester, York

In today's electronic world, everyone must be vigilant in protecting his or her privacy. Doing business, seeking information, and daily communications, once done face-to-face, are now transacting over the internet.

This is a double-edged sword for the swinger lifestyle. Secret clubs and word-of-mouth protected swingers privacy but it was difficult to meet new people. The internet, on the other hand, makes finding friends easier by using a swinger site. However, you must take extra care to protect your identity.

The internet has many swinger lifestyle places. Choosing a swinger site that protects your privacy is a top priority. First, select a site with a privacy policy that clearly states how your personal information is used.

Most swinger lifestyle sites let you create an anonymous member identity. Do not provide your real name or street address. Providing your city or zip code is normal and helps to locate other swingers. A secure swinger site has its own mail, chat, and instant messaging systems.

Make sure the privacy policy says they do not share your personal email address with members or share it with third parties.

Flexible controls for profile visibility and member contact are also important. You may want to block unwanted contact and instant messaging by member type such as single males, single females, couples, free members, or all members. Occasionally, you might also want to hide your profile or block a specific member. Options to turn off your mail or restrict newsletters are handy if you are taking a break.

Having photos in your profile is probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing swingers for play. However, some people need to protect their identity from the general-public, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers.

Choose a swinger site that provides some type of identity protector that easily blurs facial features on your photos.

Also, choose a site that has different levels of privacy to protect your photos. For example, a category for all members, a private category for members you specifically approve, and an email-only category to share your most revealing photos in the secure site mail.

The internet has helped the swinger lifestyle blossom. With all the choices available, choose where you place your personal ads carefully. Look for options to protect your identity and privacy. Most of all, have fun meeting fellow swingers and explore your sexuality knowing you have taken steps for a safe and secure experience.

What May I Expect to get out of Swinging?

Swinging may be erotic, exciting and fulfilling as you want it to be. It allows you to explore your favourite fantasies safely. You and your partner may engage in private, intimate sexual activity, share someone in a threesome, enjoy with another couple, or engage in group swinging, all in the space of an evening.

You may make new friends, and meet interesting people. It may also enhance your personal life and relationship, it may give you a positive feeling about your self and your partner.

Swinging is not for everyone however. People need to discuss between themselves factors including jealousy, self-esteem, or any relationship problems, prior to entering into the swinging lifestyle.

If any of these things are of major concern to either person, then chances are you are not ready to enjoy the swinging lifestyle and all of its benefits.

Always remember, swinging is to enhance your relationship, not to repair or rebuild it.
Good communication is essential to avoid disappointment, often its a good idea to find out what is expected when meeting blind to avoid unpleasant encounters.
More often than not one partner would be interested in swinging but have no idea how the partner would react, rather then arranging a meet than springing it your spouse at the last minute, engage them in chat about their fantasy's and see how they react when you mention 4 in a bed scenarios.

Steered towards this area other a period you have a better chance of success.

There's a big difference between swinging and cheating, as most swingers are open and honest with their partners they are unlikely to be receptive to people cheating on their partners in order to have sex.
Most of the swinging community is made up with like minded swinging couples that like to share, unfortunately there are a lot of single males that try to get into the action and its not unknown for a single male to turn up to a swinging meet without a partner using the old 'she couldn't make it excuse'.
Single women and single bi-sexual women are generally welcome at most clubs, single men and bi-sexual single men are to a lesser extent.

Many people starting off in the swinging world to try get their friends involved, you should remember that what is fun and seems natural to you may not be for them, exercise caution here as you may risk loosing their freindship.
Another thing to consider when encouraging people you know to engage in the swinging lifestyle is that if you end up having sex with them on a regualr basis emotions could come into play and this could lead to complications this applies to meeting others on a regular basis if you play in a club keep it in the club,and remember you should never feel obligated to repeat any experience.

Remember, everyone has the right to say no, if you meet someone and for whatever reason find them not suitable be honest and tell them why as tactfully as you can. This is a two way thing so don't be too upset or offended if it happens to you, it goes with the territory.

Sexual Activities

As you may probably guess there are many sexual activities involved with swinging, some may be common at most parties, but others may normally only be at a specially organised event to cater for that particular fetish. B


Bisexuality are people of the same gender interacting. This is much more common between women than men, but it does not mean every woman may indulge in it.

Bisexuality between men is extremely rare in the swinging community, and is usually frowned upon if not organised prior, and is usually preferred in a separate area.

Couple to couple

Couple to couple This is, by far the most popular, and really is the heart and soul of the swinging life style. One couple pairing up with another, after an exchange of partners, the couples usually continue sexual activity within close proximity to each other, i.e. within the same room or the same bed, probably interacting in such as way that it becomes a foursome, or group sex.

Being new to the Swinger lifestyle, you probably have two main questions "where can I/we go to meet other Swingers?" and "How do I/we handle first encounters with other Swingers?" There are numerous free or fairly inexpensive online resources to help get you started. With these resources, you can easily get access to numerous private Swinger groups, clubs, house parties, and meet other local Swingers.

Finally, let's suggest how to handle your first Swinger encounters. The most important guideline is that you adopt a policy of open communication. This is essential to good swinging. Openly communicate to your own partner and to those you wish to Swing with, what your comfort level is, what you would like to do (or try), any boundaries or dislikes that you have, etc. This will lay the groundwork for your sexy encounter and let everyone know what is or isn't acceptable, ensuring that everyone has a great time.

When it comes to meeting new Swingers, it's important to have a plan. If you're just looking for quick no strings attached (NSA) sex, and simply "hook up" with other Swingers.

1. Enjoy drinks and conversation first and get to know each other. Find out if you have good chemistry before doing anything sexually. For couples this can be a difficult process since finding 4-way chemistry is hard to do. It's not uncommon for a couple to have mixed feelings about another couple.

2. Have at least two code words that you can sneak into your normal conversation. One code word should be for "we like them, let's proceed" and one should be for "there's no chemistry here, we should go now". This is very important if you're a couple because it allows you to discreetly inform your partner how you feel the situation is going.

3. Play safe (always use condoms), be respectful of any boundaries, and have a great time Swinging.

4. Never be jealous of your lover; you should enjoy watching your lover have sex with others. If you harbor any uneasy feelings, jealousy issues, etc. then you need to openly communicate them and figure out how to overcome them. Otherwise, you are playing with fire and it could easily end up ruining things for you and your partners.

5.The swinger lifestyle is all about openness and carefree sexual adventures. Embracing this, you'll be welcomed into a wild and wonderful world of sexual pleasures, new friendships, and much more.

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